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Bread and Peace, and Their Meaning for Easter

In the Catholic liturgy, on Saturday of Holy Week, we stand in prayer and silence at the tomb of Jesus. At midnight, we celebrate the Easter Vigil. While the Jewish people have celebrated and continue to celebrate Passover, as the date of the Exodus from Egypt and the “passage” through the Red Sea, we Christians celebrate Easter as the most important event in believers’ lives: the resurrection, “passage,” the new birth (Jn 3:1-18), and the renewal of the mind (Rom 12:2-3). We celebrate new life, living according to God’s ways and logic, and the transformation of life that those who encounter Christ have experienced and are experiencing today.

The Spanish words “Pascua,” meaning “Easter” in English, and “Paso,” meaning a “passage,” represent the new life by which we Christians confess the Crucified Risen One, Living among us, Lord of Life and history. They represent the new and abundant life (Jn 10:10) founded upon the fact that we can now live the same life as Jesus, no longer as slaves, but as children, calling God: “Abba!” Father (Gal 4:6) and loving each other as brothers and sisters. For in this, we know that we have passed from death to life, in which we love our brothers and sisters (1 Jn 3), to the point of crying out, as Paul did: “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” (Gal 2:20).

After Jesus died, the lives of his first disciples transformed. They were never the same again. They attributed this transformation “to the one who was hung on a tree” (Acts 4:10), to the Crucified One. For if the dead man changed our lives, it is because he is alive and has risen. This is a transformation, a new life, for which he is confessed to be the Living and the Risen One. Since then, the best proof of Christ’s presence as Living and Risen in the world has been made by men and women with a new life, living the same life that Jesus of Nazareth lived and taught, loving and serving all.

An Invitation Open to All

In the Catholic liturgy, “Holy Week” is the most important week of the church year. During Holy Week, we commemorate the main events in the life of Jesus of Nazareth: his passion, death, and resurrection, which - at the same time - constitute the events by which his disciples believe that, following Jesus Christ, we achieve our own salvation and our own full, abundant, eternal, and happy lives.

Holy Week opens with Palm Sunday, when we commemorate Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, celebrated by the people with cloaks and olive branches as “the one who comes in the name of the Lord.” (Mk 11:9-10) This is the same city and the same people who, days later, will witness and become accomplices in the condemnation of the innocent Jesus and his death on the cross.

During this same week, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are three days known as the Paschal Triduum. On Holy Thursday, Christians commemorate the Supper-Testament and farewell of Jesus, when he provides an example of a new way of exercising power by serving and washing the feet of his disciples (Jn 13). He then leaves us one new law for his disciples: the commandment of love. This is a love that springs from the recognition of God as Father and of all of us as brothers and sisters. This is the love with which his disciples are called henceforth to establish all their relationships and will be the “sign” that they are Christians (Jn 13:35).

Surprise! The Pope Knocks at the Door

The documentary, produced by Rome Reports, delves into the impact of Pope Francis' numerous personal encounters. Individuals who have been visited in their homes, in prisons, or nations ravaged by conflict, share how such encounters have transformed their lives.

"Surprise! The Pope Knocks at the Door" has been made with the support of the Doctor Ramón Tallaj Foundation of New York, whose president traveled to Spain for the presentation of the documentary.

Don't miss the opportunity to see it on Univision this Saturday, March 30 at 12:00 noon.


With Francis, 11 Years “on the High Seas”

On March 13, 2013, the conclave of cardinals gathered for the election of a new Pope, elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio, then-Cardinal of Buenos Aires, Argentina, who chose FRANCIS as the name for his pontificate, in homage to the saint of Assisi, the “poverello” (the poor little one). It is a name that has helped shape his profile and the course of his life and teachings during these years of his Petrine ministry.

During these days, we now celebrate the eleven years since Francis became the first Jesuit and Latin American pope to direct the destiny of the Church, guide Catholics in their Christian faith, and the Vatican as its head of state.

Francis, a Pope of Surprises

In 2023, the Church celebrated the remarkable 10th Anniversary of Pope Francis' Pontificate, marking a significant milestone in the Church's two-millennium history. As the first Latin American pope, Pope Francis has distinguished himself over the past decade through a unique blend of Jesuit principles, Latin American cultural influences, and the compassionate spirit of a good shepherd. This documentary beautifully captures the profound connection that the Holy Father shares with the most vulnerable members of society, showcasing how he serves as an inspiring figure for people around the world. Through his humility, impactful gestures, and enlightening teachings, Pope Francis has been a refreshing breeze and a guiding light for everyone, offering solace and wisdom during the challenges and uncertainties we all encounter.


All new for new year

The beginning of a new year provides the opportunity to renew ourselves. With good intentions and promises of change, we turn the page at the end of the year and start a NEW. We make these goals and intentions within the context of our personal, family, and social realities.

Our national, international, and global realities require us to leave behind our petty individual interests and peer outside our windows so we can contemplate a humanity that is hopeful, expectant, anguished, and troubled; a humanity that awaits improvements, changes, and solutions.

Our current moment is marked by difficulties, severe and significant problems, gaps, and inequities that afflict us, interest us, affect us, and distress us, such as the destruction of the environment that manifests itself in ecological disasters and global warming, wars on our world’s different fronts, the threat of wars that will escalate worldwide, the terrifying possibility of the use of biological, atomic, or nuclear weapons.


Lessons from God at Christmas

Our materialistic, mercantilist, and consumerist society has manipulated and drained our principal celebrations worldwide. Commemorations are reduced to the game of supply and demand, of buying and selling, and the theme and meaning of important dates and their symbols (e.g., lights, trees, music, nativity scenes, etc.) have been relegated to our wallets or worse, ignored or forgotten. We end up sending messages, buying, selling, traveling, decorating, debuting, and giving gifts without knowing why we are celebrating or vacationing.

As Christmas approaches this year, I will recall, in the brevity of these lines, the great theological themes that this celebration contains for Christians and all humanity, as well as the scope, meaning, and repercussions that its symbols and theme can have for the life project of every human being and our world today.


Reason to Giving Thanks

This coming Thursday, November 23, we will celebrate the most important holiday in the United States, Thanksgiving Day. As its name indicates, it is a day to give thanks, be thankful, and remember and recognize the reasons that motivate and justify celebrating a personal, family, social, and national “Thanksgiving.”

Like so many other dates and celebrations in life, our materialistic, mercantilist, and consumerist society has vacated essential dates of all their meaning and significance for our society and world. Everything seemingly devolves toward the commercial game of supply and demand. We celebrate without knowing what we celebrate. In this case, we celebrate without discovering the reasons to be thankful. Or, if we do, we are not grateful.


Family Doctors Launched at the Vatican

SOMOS Community Care, backed by the Pontifical Academy for Life, is promoting an awareness campaign on the role and vocation of primary care physicians.

On November 16, at the Vatican, the nonprofit SOMOS Community Care, represented by its president, Dr. Ramón Tallaj, and its CEO, Dr. Mario Paredes, launched the world’s first campaign to support family doctors. This initiative, blessed by Pope Francis, as confirmed by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, aims to rediscover the doctor-patient relationship.


¡Sorpresa! El papa llama a la puerta

No te pierda, la exhibición de la película documental “¡Sorpresa! el Papa llama a la puerta”.

Con motivo a la solemnidad de San Pedro y San Pablo daremos un vistazo a estos 10 años de pontificado.



10 años de buen pastoreo

Roma, 24 de abril 2023. Todos hemos sido testigos de muchos de los gestos sorprendentes del Papa Francisco. Encuentros personales con migrantes, con enfermos o con personas alejadas de la fe… El documental ‘¡Sorpresa! El Papa llama a la puerta’ desvela qué es lo que ocurre cuando se apagan los focos y el obispo de Roma desaparece de la escena. Recogemos algunos de los momentos más extraordinarios de los diez años de pontificado.


Diario Libre: Importancia del médico de familia

Somos Community Care junto a la Fundación Dr. Ramon Tallaj llevaron a cabo el panel lanzamiento del masterclass “Médico de familia, pieza esencial para el Sistema de Salud”, el cual contó con masiva asistencia presencial y virtual.

Las palabras de apertura al evento, que contó con la participación de médicos de amplia y reconocida trayectoria, académicos, residentes de medicina familiar y estudiantes, estuvieron a cargo del doctor Mario Paredes, director ejecutivo de Somos Community Care, quien se refirió al esfuerzo por redescubrir el médico de familia no solo en el campo de la medicina, sino también en las diferentes variables que afectan al ser humano.


Revista Médica: Realizan lanzamiento del masterclass

Con rotundo exito SOMOS COMMUNITY CARE junto a la Fundación Dr. Ramon Tallaj, llevaron a cabo el lanzamiento del masterclass “Médico de Familia, pieza esencial para el Sistema de Salud”, el cual contó con masiva asistencia presencial y virtual.

La actividad contó con la participación de destacados médicos de amplia y reconocida trayectoria, académicos, así como residentes de Medicina Familiar y estudiantes.


Roberto Cavada: Rol del Médico de Familia

Santo Domingo.- Somos community care junto a la Fundación Dr. Ramon Tallaj, llevaron a cabo el panel lanzamiento del masterclass “Médico de Familia, pieza esencial para el Sistema de Salud”, el cual contó con masiva asistencia presencial y virtual.

Las palabras de apertura al evento que contó con la participación de médicos de amplia y reconocida trayectoria, académicos, residentes de medicina familiar y estudiantes, estuvieron a cargo del doctor Mario Paredes, Director Ejecutivo de SOMOS Community Care, quien se refirió al esfuerzo por redescubrir el médico de familia no solo en el campo de la medicina sino también en las diferentes variables que afectan al ser humano.


Salud News: Panel Médico de Familia

Destacan participación del doctor Rubén Vásquez, vicepresidente de la Sociedad de Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria.

Concluyó este jueves el panel de lanzamiento del masterclass “Médico de Familia, pieza esencial para el Sistema de Salud”, en modalidad híbrida, el cual fue producido bajo los auspicios de SOMOS COMMUNITY CARE junto a la Fundación Dr. Ramon Tallaj, y que contó con la participación de destacados médicos de amplia y reconocida trayectoria, académicos, así como residentes de Medicina Familiar y estudiantes.


Diario Salud: “Celebran con éxito Panel Medico”

Con masiva asistencia tanto presencial como virtual, SOMOS COMMUNITY CARE junto a la Fundación Dr. Ramon Tallaj, desarrollaron con éxito el panel lanzamiento del masterclass “Médico de Familia, pieza esencial para el Sistema de Salud”, el cual contó con la participación de médicos de amplia y reconocida trayectoria, académicos, así como residentes de medicina familiar y estudiantes.

Médico de Familia - Masterclass

Realizarán panel sobre el médico de familia como pieza esencial para el Sistema de Salud.
SOMOS Community Care junto a la Fundación Dr. Ramon Tallaj, invitan al panel lanzamiento del masterclass “Médico de Familia, pieza esencial para el Sistema de Salud” a realizarse el próximo 08 de febrero del 2023.



In the new year, hope uplifts us all

The arrival of a new year is a magnificent opportunity for change, the renewal of unfulfilled promises and resolutions, and for the dreams and goals that power the engine of our personal, family, and societal stories. It is a propitious time to evaluate, change, improve, recompose, reinvent, project, and restart the journey of the path of life with new impetus and renewed motivation.


Com-memorate christmas, re-member the beginning

There are men and women whose lives we cannot ignore. December has arrived, and with this month also come the Christmas celebrations. We decorate our streets and ourselves, we exchange messages, and we have gifts, parties, premieres, trips, and family reunions. We have lights and music, family dinners, etc. At the same time, the mercantilist frenzy and the myriad Christmas symbols surrounding us are causing us to lose the sense and meaning of Christmas. Millions of human beings around the world celebrate Christmas but do not know what they are celebrating or why.


The hope to give thanks

Gratitude is a virtue that magnifies man. The ability to give thanks comes from recognizing the good, of all that is good, in what we are, have, and what happens to us. This virtue – this capacity – humanizes, magnifies, and makes happy the human being who is capable of such recognition. And, on the contrary, sad and unhappy is the human being who cannot open their senses to become aware of the existence of the good in their life.

Dr. Ramon Tallaj MasterClass Trailer

Dr. Ramon Tallaj Foundation Gala 2022



1. “Jesucristo se hizo pobre por ustedes” (cf. 2 Co 8,9). Con estas palabras el apóstol Pablo se dirige a los primeros cristianos de Corinto, para dar fundamento a su compromiso solidario con los hermanos necesitados. La Jornada Mundial de los Pobres se presenta también este año como una sana provocación para ayudarnos a reflexionar sobre nuestro estilo de vida y sobre tantas pobrezas del momento presente.


Dr. Tallaj’s Documentary won an Emmy Award

'Doctor Tallaj: The Hispanic Physician Who Faced COVID-19 in New York' received the prestigious award from the New York chapter of the US National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, in the category of “Social Concerns.”


Dr. Tallaj Receives an Emmy nomination

Somos Community Care, a non-profit, physician-led network of over 2,600 culturally competent health care providers serving over one million Medicaid patients in New York City, has been nominated for an Emmy Award in the “Societal Concerns” category for the titled piece “Dr. Tallaj, The Hispanic Physician Who Faced Covid-19 In New York” short documentary.


Rey Felipe VI recibe a los Médicos de SOMOS


Vincenzo Paglia anuncia documento sobre médicos primarios

Vincenzo Paglia anunció que en breve el Vaticano dará a conocer un documento en el que se reclama la atención primaria en todos los países


Paglia: «Vivimos 30 años más y no sabemos para qué»

El presidente de la Academia Pontificia para la Vida, que participa en Madrid en un congreso de médicos de familia, pide reflexionar sobre la vejez y cambiar las políticas públicas


Mariano Rivera teams up with SOMOS to help keep NYC clean

Mariano Rivera, a former NY Yankees pitcher and Hall of Famer teamed up with SOMOS Community Care's Chairman Dr. Ramon Tallaj on Tuesday for a public service announcement at Highbridge Park in the Bronx to help keep the NYC clean.

080522-W2RTF Digital ADs_EN.jpg

Exclusive: Dr. Ramón Tallaj on Why Having an MD Who Looks Like You is Vital to Your Health

The New York-based physician and Chairman of the Board for SOMOS Community Care talks about why proper health care takes cultural background into consideration. Very much like in Hollywood, feeling represented makes a big difference.


Nominación Emmy al vídeo sobre el doctor Tallaj realizado por SOMOS y Aleteia

El documental "Doctor Tallaj: El hispano que se enfrentó al COVID-19 en Nueva York" ha sido destacado en la categoría de "Preocupaciones sociales". La ceremonia de los premios tendrá lugar en otoño en la ciudad de Nueva York.


Emmy nomination for 'Dr. Tallaj, The Hispanic Physician Who Faced Covid-19 In New York

Somos Community Care, a non-profit, physician-led network of over 2,600 culturally competent health care providers serving over one million Medicaid patients in New York City, has been nominated for an Emmy Award in the "Societal Concerns" category for the titled piece "Dr. Tallaj, The Hispanic Physician Who Faced Covid-19 In New York" short documentary.

Nuevos Becarios y Proyecto de Salud para Atención Primara


Fundación Dr. Ramón Tallaj entrega becas a Jóvenes de escasos recursos

Santo Domingo, D.N.- La Fundación Dr. Ramón Tallaj realizó este jueves una cena de gala para dar a conocer los quince (15) estudiantes destacados de bajo recursos, seleccionados para becas en el área de la salud.

El doctor que estudiaba sin luz

De estudiar sin electricidad a irradiar luz para miles de personas: así es la vida del doctor Ramón Tallaj, un determinado médico que dejó -no sin pesar- la República Dominicana para instalarse en Nueva York.
La fe mueve montañas, y su vida es un reflejo de la perseverancia de alguien que ha creído en el potencial que tenía, en la fuerza de su familia y en su talento al servicio de la comunidad. El doctor Tallaj sabe calibrar y no ejerce falsa modestia: es consciente de que tiene un don y una responsabilidad.


A "Passage" Toward a Better World

Every year at this time, we Catholics commemorate Christian Easter, called la “pascua cristiana” in Spanish. I dedicate these lines to reflect on what this event and celebration has meant and means today, not only for Christians, but also for all the men and women of our society and its repercussions for our pursuit of the building of a better world than the one in which we live.

The Spanish word “Pascua” comes from a Hebrew word (pesah), which means “Passover,” or a passage. With this word, the ancient Israelites named the celebration (Ex 12:11) of the new life given to them through their liberation from Egyptian slavery via their “passage” through the Red Sea and the desert until they conquered the “promised land.”

Good Friday_article_banner.jpg

The Good Friday of Every Day

Few are the men who take risks and who risk themselves for others. As the poem says: Few are those who “flee from the noise of our world and follow the hidden path. Where they have gone, the few wise men of our world have been.” (Fray Luis de León). This is because we are accustomed to protecting and caring for ourselves in a frenzy of selfishness and narcissistic hedonism. For this reason, the few men and women who go against the current, who leave the mold, those who understand life as a gift to serve others, make such an impact. Jesus of Nazareth was one of these people.


El grave problema de la desigualdad en la atención de la salud

Fotografía por Zach Vessels

Estimado Dr. Tallaj, queridos amigos:
Es un gran placer reunirnos hoy aquí en la sede de SOMOS después de habernos visto también el otoño pasado en Santo Domingo. Al igual que en ese encuentro, hoy veo en ustedes no solo un elevado nivel de habilidades científicas y profesionales, sino la pasión de quienes —sobre todo si son médicos— son capaces de contribuir al desarrollo de un mundo más humano.


Inequalities in Access to Health Care

New York City, March 30, 2022-. "How can we possibly argue that life and health are fundamental values if we don’t also worry about the real conditions that create the inequalities affecting people's lives and health?" With this question, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, opened the conference held in New York, at the headquarters of Somos Community Care – a medical and health care network operating in the United States and other countries. Archbishop Paglia had already met representatives of the network during his trip to Santo Domingo last fall.

Desayuno - Conferencia con Mons. Timothy Broglio

Radio ABC realiza Desayuno - Conferencia con Mons. Timothy Broglio en torno a la celebracion de su 60 aniversario
Santo Domingo, D.N.- Como parte de las actividades de celebración por el 60 Aniversario de Radio ABC, las emisoras católicas (Radio ABC y Vida FM), pertenecientes a Multimedios Vida de la Arquidiócesis de Santo Domingo, realizarón este jueves 10 de marzo el tradicional Desayuno – Conferencia con el tema : “Reflexiones Sobre la Misión de la Iglesia en la Hora Actual” siendo el disertante invitado S.E.R. Mons. Timothy Paul Andrew Broglio, JCD; Arzobispo de los Servicios Militares, USA y Ex-Nuncio Apostólico en República Dominicana.


FRANCIS, Nine Years as a Witness to the Gospel

The 13th of March marks nine years since the election of the Jesuit priest, bishop, and cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the 266th pope in the history of the Church. Pope Francis presides over the Chair of Saint Peter and has guided the world's Catholics in faith and charity since he celebrated the inaugural Eucharist of his Pontificate on March 19, 2013, on the feast of Saint Joseph. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born on December 17, 1936, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and chose the name Francis, as a tribute to the "poverello" of Assisi.

La Sinodalidad en el Papa Francisco


Primer foro de medicina y salud

La Fundación Dr. Ramón Tallaj en torno al mensaje del Santo Padre Francisco para la 30º Jornada Mundial del Enfermo “Sean misericordiosos, así como el Padre de ustedes es misericordioso”, organizó el primer “Foro de Medicina y Salud” con el objetivo de recibir conferencias de diferentes actores que accionan en el campo de la Salud, con su reflexión humana y espiritual

Live streaming


World of The Sick

“Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful” (Lk 6:36). Standing beside those who suffer on a path of charity.


New Year and Hope

Human beings live because we dream, we imagine, and hope for a better tomorrow. Hope is the engine of human life. When I graduate, when I get married, when I have my first job, my first house, my first child, my first car, my first vacation, tomorrow, in two years, in five years, in ten years, everything will change, everything will be better… Without hope, life would have no meaning; it would not be worth living. And so, during our daily wait for hope, from the best and noblest desires of every human being, our lives pass by waiting for better times… 


The Christmas Spirit

A characteristic of our time, society, and postmodern culture is the ignorance, loss, and emptying of the original and primary meanings, truths, and essences of everything we live in our daily lives. For example, we listen to folk music from different regions of the world without ever having attended the festivals that give rise to the melodies, without knowing where the traditions were born, and the names of the instruments used, etc. In our metropolises, children and young people consume all kinds of dairy products without ever having approached a living cow, etc. Reality has ceased to be what it was and has become a self-serving virtual reality—one that is biased and manipulated. This happens especially during the Christmas festivities that men and women over much of the planet celebrate every year.

Image and build hapiness

We do not know if this is the end of history or just the end of this history. Today, it seems that the “no future” stories that underpinned—especially in the 1960s—the emergence of postmodernity have come true because humanity is living through a moment of convulsions, uncertainty, and changes. We still do not know if we live in an era of change or a change of era.

Giving thanks challenges us all

Every year at this time, the men and women who live in this Nation and the Americans living outside these borders prepare for the celebration of THANKSGIVING DAY. Thanksgiving is a national and family holiday that commemorates and traces its historical roots to the meeting that took place, in Plymouth (Massachusetts) around 1621, between the first pilgrims or colonists to come to these landsfrom England and the original natives of this Nation, the Wampanoag, in which they shared food and gave thanks for their crops. Today, four hundred years later, we continue to celebrate this meeting, joining together to give thanks for all the good fortune we have received during the year. Around our tables, we share a family banquet that has turkey as the main dish.


República Dominicana: Iglesia presenta documental sobre Ramón Pané

Como miembro de la Iglesia Católica, como laico comprometido con las causas por la misión de la Iglesia en el Mundo y como discípulo convencido de Jesús de Nazaret, estoy muy contento de poder apoyar iniciativas que contribuyan a los esfuerzos de la tarea evangelizadora de la Iglesia, especialmente en América Latina, siempre en la búsqueda de la construcción de un mundo más justo, más humano, según lo valores del Evangelio.

Me inspira, me seduce y me compromete, de manera especial, el Jesús que los evangelios presentan curando, sanando, liberando, salvando y conduciendo a los seres humanos a la felicidad, a la vida plena y abundante, mediante el mandamiento nuevo del amor, en el reconocimiento de que todos somos hermanos, hijos del mismo Padre.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October, we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Excluding skin cancers, breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women. It is estimated that in 2020, approximately 30% of all new women cancer diagnoses will be breast cancer.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States as well as many countries paused their breast cancer screening programs, it is crucial that all women who would have been screened during the pandemic, do not miss out as it is still not too late.


National childhood obesity awareness month

SOMOS Community Care works with parents and community-based organizations, so every child has the opportunity to grow up healthy and active. September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, which is a good moment to remember that childhood obesity is a serious public health problem that about one in five children (19%) in the U.S. faces.

Obesity puts kids at a higher risk of having many serious health conditions, including asthma, sleep apnea, bone, and joint problems, and type 2 diabetes. Obese children may also have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, putting them at risk for heart disease. In addition to these issues, overweight children may face bullying, which can lead to social isolation, depression, and lower self-esteem.

article_FRATELLI TUTTI_002.jpg

Brothers and sisters all: Let's build hope!

On October 3, 2020, on the eve of the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi and in the eighth year of his Pontificate, Pope Francis presented, to the Catholic faithful of the entire world and all men and women of good will, his third Encyclical Letter on FRATERNITY AND SOCIAL FRIENDSHIP, with the title “FRATELLI TUTTI” (Brothers and Sisters All), words so often spoken by the "Poverello" of Assisi.
With these two words, the title of the encyclical, Pope Francis, like Francis of Assisi, calls for a “fraternal openness that allows us to acknowledge, appreciate and love each person, regardless of physical proximity, regardless of where he or she was born or lives.” (1)


On the power of scripture in the healing of trauma

THE DEATH OF A LOVED ONE is the most common trauma suffered by Americans, followed by the betrayal by a trusted person, domestic abuse, and sexual abuse, a new study commissioned by the American Bible Society (ABS) found. Add to this the society-wide coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing crisis sparked by racial inequality; and, not to forget, unemployment and poverty, all in the run-up to a bitterly contested election. The country is traumatized, as is the whole world, of course.

article_BETTER TIMES_001.jpg

Hoping for better times

Annually since 1968, by the proclamation of the United States government and in recognition of the massive and rich presence of Hispanic/Latino men and women coming to—and living in—the United States, we celebrate HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH during this time of year.

This is a celebration that commemorates, coincides, and integrates with the dates when Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile won their independence.


Vatican body calls for an ethical, moral transformation in the battle against COVID-19

FUNDAMENTALLY, every document produced by the Vatican is addressed to all of humanity, but in matters of faith, of course, Catholics are the prime audience. A new set of reflections on the coronavirus, however, published by the Pontifical Academy for Life, targets explicitly all members of the global human family, the humana communitas.


In praise of the ‘Hispanic Paradox’

IT IS CALLED the “Hispanic Paradox” or the “Epidemiological Paradox”—the findings that show that Hispanics, despite greater poverty, discrimination, and lack of education, live longer than non-Hispanic Whites or African Americans. Hispanic life expectancy stands at 81.8 years, compared to 78.5 years for white Americans and 74.9 years for blacks. There also is evidence that Hispanics are less likely to commit suicide or die from drug overdoses. Hispanics do better than whites when it comes to lung cancer mortality, childhood asthma development, and breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and cancer in general.


A single race

These days, the people of the United States continue their march amidst the headlines, the tension, and the protests surrounding the murder by asphyxiation —as determined by the autopsy— of George Floyd, an African-American man, at the hands of four police officers led by Derek Chauvin. This tragedy has even overshadowed news of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has already infected and killed thousands of people across this nation.


“We transform healthcare through diversity, inclusion, and
public engagement.”