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We are committed to serving our community and supporting future healthcare leaders.

director-Seán Cardinal O’Malley

Seán Cardinal O’Malley

Archdiocese of Boston, MA
Honorary Member
director-Archbishop Francisco Ozoria Acosta

Archbishop Francisco Ozoria Acosta

Archdiocese of Santo Domingo, DR
Honorary Member
director-Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Bernardito Auza

Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Bernardito Auza

Apostolic Nuncio to Spain
Honorary Member
director-Ramon Tallaj, MD

Ramon Tallaj, MD

Chairman and Founding Member
director-Mr. Mario J. Paredes

Mr. Mario J. Paredes

Chief Executive Officer of SOMOS
director-Mr. Alexandro Damiron

Mr. Alexandro Damiron

Executive VP of Operations of SOMOS
director-Mr. Salvador Almonte

Mr. Salvador Almonte

Board Member
director-Mr. Rubén Luna

Mr. Rubén Luna

Board Member
director-Maria Molina, MD

Maria Molina, MD

Board Member
director-Denisse Nuñez, MD

Denisse Nuñez, MD

Board Member
director-Mr. George E. Pataki

Mr. George E. Pataki

Former Governor of New York State
Board Member
director-Mr. Neal Polan

Mr. Neal Polan

Board Member
director-Diego Ponieman, MD, MPH

Diego Ponieman, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer of SOMOS
Board Member
director-Lic. Ramon Tallaj Ureña

Lic. Ramon Tallaj Ureña

Fundación Ramon Tallaj Ureña
Board Member
director-Juan Tapia, MD

Juan Tapia, MD

Founder, CEO and President of Pediatrics 2000
Board Member
director-Fernando Taveras, MD

Fernando Taveras, MD

New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Board Member
director-Most. Rev. Daniel Lorenzo Vargas

Most. Rev. Daniel Lorenzo Vargas

Archdiocese of Santo Domingo, DR
Board Member