Mr. Rubén Luna

Board Member


Mr. Luna, was born in the community of Lavas, Santiago de los Caballeros and is first and foremost a Dominican proud of his origin, always concerned about the destiny of his country.

At a young age, Rubén developed the desire to help others, inspired by a deep spirit of solidarity that was growing inside. At the age of 6 he already helped his mother by working in a small family-owned grocery store, where his vocation for business was born. At 15, Rubén emigrated with his parents and siblings to the United States, specifically to the city of New York, nation that opened the doors and the possibility of achieving the American dream, however; he was always attentive to the things of his dear Dominican Republic, with the desire to someday help solve problems that affect its citizens.

Two days after living in upper Manhattan he got his first job in a supermarket in the area, where he served as packer and delivery, but always with good spirit he struggled to achieve his own business in the United States. In 1982 he was offered the possibility of being a shareholder in the supermarket where he worked, and this marked the beginning of his career in as an entrepreneur in the supermarket arena, but without neglecting his interest to help the neediest.

Solidarity, dignity and the desire to serve his constituents are his standard; therefore, today in the Congress of the Dominican Republic, Rubén Luna serves with honor, seriousness and respect to all Dominicans living abroad.

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