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Pope Francis

On March 13, 2013, at the age of 76, Jorge Bergoglio was named the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Taking the name Francis, he is the first pope from the Americas, the first non-European and first Jesuit priest to be named pope. In Their Own Words delves deeper into his story, revealing the experiences and influences in his life that led him to the highest office in the Catholic church. Courtesy of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

Scholarship Dr. Ramon Tallaj Foundation

The Dr. Ramon Tallaj Foundation scholarship recipients reflect geographic, economic, social and cultural diversity; mirroring the intrinsic dignity of the person as fundamental human right. The dignity of an individual cannot be denied.

In our foundation, we affirm the inalienable right to life, to family, to foster a social climate favorable to integral development, solidarity, and mutual appreciation.

Imagine and Build Hapiness

We do not know if this is the end of history or just the end of this history. Today, it seems that the “no future” stories that underpinned—especially in the 1960s—the emergence of postmodernity have come true because humanity is living through a moment of convulsions, uncertainty, and changes. We still do not know if we live in an era of change or a change of era.

About Us

At the Dr. Ramon Tallaj Foundation, we believe in funding the vision and dreams of talented Hispanic students, committed to the study of medicine and healthcare related fields in all corners of the U.S. and the World.

The Dr. Ramon Tallaj Foundation offers a variety of grants, scholarships and awards for students who have academic distinction. The Foundation is an entity who acts in a free, responsible, autonomous way; guided by ethical principles and respect for human dignity.

Our Mission

Inspired by the spirit of our Founder, Dr. Ramon Tallaj and his social vision of the medical profession; our mission is to work with talented young people of low socio-economic status to help train physicians, general surgeons and professionals in healthcare related fields.

The Dr. Ramon Tallaj Foundation strives to have a positive impact in the lives of outstanding individuals and the communities we serve. Learn more about how we transform healthcare through diversity, inclusion, and public engagement.

Core Values

We are committed to the future!


a greater number of highly qualified Dominican/ Latino students to apply to medical schools.


to provide the support that will make possible the dreams of talented Dominican/Latino students.


outstanding young individuals of low socio-economic status in their dream to obtain a higher education in healthcare related fields.


the financial support offered by institutions (public or private) to carry out post graduate studies in healthcare disciplines.


family, friends and collaborators of the Foundation to challenge students to enhance their academic success.


The Dr. Ramon Tallaj Foundation is a federally designated Tax Exempt Organization under IRS Code 501 (c) 3. Donors can deduct contributions made to the Dr. Ramon Tallaj Foundation under IRS Section 170. We are also a registered Charity under the Laws of New York State.