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Dr. Ramón Tallaj Foundation

At the Dr. Ramón Tallaj Foundation, we believe in funding the vision and dreams of talented Hispanic students, committed to the study of medicine and healthcare related fields in all corners of the U.S. and the World.

The Dr. Ramón Tallaj Foundation strives to have a positive impact in the lives of outstanding individuals and the communities we serve. Learn more about how we transform healthcare through diversity, inclusion and public engagement.

Sharrif De Los Santos


"Growing up in the Dominican Republic, I always knew I wanted to do bigger things than what was expected of me. Once I finished medical school, and moved to the U.S. for better opportunities, I was presented with the opportunity to work with the incomparable Dr. Tallaj. I had heard only the best about him but was able to see with my own eyes; how he is constantly working, continuously looking for solutions to make life better for those of less income and how he wholeheartedly helps medical practitioners, who come from our home country, have an amazing chance of succeeding in the U.S.

I realized not much after, that he is someone whose footsteps I can follow, and someone who has opened a door of possibilities for me. Dr. Tallaj is the true definition of a go getter, of someone who sets his goals and achieves them, someone who doesn’t forget where he came from, because it is the reason he has accomplished so much and has gotten where he is today

I respect his work ethic, his ability to time manage and to take the lead in any situation. I am encouraged to work harder and to never give up, no matter how difficult the situation I am presented with can be. I admire the passion he puts into every project he leads, but most of all, I have always been moved to see the compassion he feels for those he works for.

May he always lead the way; we can only trail behind the exemplary man that he is."

Ms. Marina Cruz


"Dr. Tallaj is without a doubt, a human being who fills our Latin community with great pride. He is an example of leadership and hard work, who has dedicated his entire career to work in the poorest neighborhoods of NYC, where he has made an outstanding job helping poor communities and immigrants. He is a leader in the medical community and always cares about medical outcomes. He has also carried out humanitarian missions to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, showing us that his work, his compassion and his empathy extends beyond borders. Thank you Dr. Tallaj for inspiring us with your work, your passion, your kindness and for encourages us to work with and for our community."

Jacobo Peña, MD


“Dr. Ramon Tallaj is a true pillar of the New York medical community; he has made his life’s goal to improve access to better health care not only for the Latino community but also all underprivileged communities in the New York state and beyond. His multiple humanitarian missions to Latin American countries throughout the years have helped thousands. Most recently humanitarian missions to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico have helped provide medical care to families that have lost it all during those devastating hurricanes that hit the Caribbean. It is a tremendous pleasure to work alongside with Dr. Tallaj, with his vision, his leadership and his support we will be able to achieve our goals in providing the best health care possible to those who need it no matter where they are or what language they speak.

Good is never enough when better is possible ”

Alexandro Damiron


Dr. Ramón Tallaj Foundation offers a variety of grants, scholarships, and awards to exceptional students with limited financial resources who want to study medicine, nursing, pharmacy or any other healthcare areas. This principle follows the commendable spirit of Dr. Ramon Tallaj who, for 30 years since his arrival to New York from his native Dominican Republic, has been the motivation and force that many of us have followed in our personal lives and our professional careers.

I have had the honor to work with Dr. Ramon Tallaj as the Chief of Staff in his non-for-profit organization SOMOS Community Care, which has been a key player in the healthcare reform in the State of New York. During this time, I have experienced firsthand how Dr. Tallaj’s endurance and leadership during the most difficult times have impacted the lives of thousands of Hispanic in New York. His strength and determination to make his own and other people’s dreams come true are remarkable.

Dr. Ramon Tallaj Foundation’s grants and scholarships are a fine opportunity to those hard-working students who want to move forward with their vision of improving the wellness and quality of life in our communities.

Dr. Tallaj dreams with a new cadre of young professionals in health care. He looks for visionaries ready to serve the most vulnerable and needed. 


The Dr. Ramon Tallaj Foundation is a federally designated Tax Exempt Organization under IRS Code 501 (c) 3. Donors can deduct contributions made to the Dr. Ramón Tallaj Foundation under IRS Section 170. We are also a registered Charity under the Laws of New York State.